Counter where you can see how Japan and the US deficit are increasing in real time

I can see how much debts Japan and the US currently have. There seems to be a fiscal deficit clock on the street corner of Manhattan, but it can be seen on the net. Of course the amount will increase in real time.

Details are as follows.
First of all Japan's deficit. There are several budget deficit counters, but here is seen in the 2006 data. As I wrote this article, it seems that the debt outstanding in Japan as a whole is 1062 trillion 385.5 billion yen, and the burden of 831,8359 yen per citizen ...

Real-time budget deficit counter ver 6.6.3

Next is the American deficit. It seems to be 8, 644 billion 370 million dollars (about 1000 trillion yen) at the time of writing the article. Japan seems to have more deficits.

The National Debt

There seems to be some by prefecture.

Debt watch of the national prefectures

As an added bonus, the cost (spent) on Iraq war is below. At the time of the article it was $ 34,7549 million (about 40 trillion yen).

The War in Iraq Costs

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