How many ultra-rich people monopolize about 44% of the world's total assets, where do you live?

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Headquartered in Zurich, SwitzerlandCredit Suisse BankData on property of the world "Global Wealth Databook 2014"Has been released. From the data surveyed as debt deducted from assets as "property", the existence of ultra wealthy people who monopolize 44% of the world's total assets is revealed.

Global Wealth Databook 2014
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The figure below shows the property level in each country classified by amount. Blue areas meaning property levels below $ 5000 (about 580,000 yen) are the majority of Africa and South Asia such as India and Pakistan. Meanwhile, the property level is over 100,000 dollars (about 1177 million yen) is in the North America region of the United States and Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan including Scandinavia. Besides Japan in Asia, Taiwan has become a country of over 100,000 dollars.

According to a survey by Credit Suisse Bank, the total total world assets is $ 263 trillion (about 3 ky 1,000 trillion yen). The total sum of property is represented by pyramid as follows, with the lowest level being about 3.2 billion people with property less than 10,000 dollars (about 1.18 million yen), which is 2.9% of total property 7 trillion It accounts for $ 60 million (about 775 trillion yen). Meanwhile, 35 million people, about 0.7% of the total population, reign at the top of the property pyramid, and surprisingly total property is as much as 115.9 trillion dollars (about 1 ky 200 billion yen), which is 44% of the total.

The figure below shows the country in which 35 million people who own 44% of the world's total property live. The largest number is 18 million in the US, 4 million in Japan, followed by the United States, but the big difference is open. China, which has shown great economic growth in recent years, was 1.6 million and ranked ninth.

Below is a graph showing the change in average per capita property in Asia including Japan. The blue line graph showing the average asset has been depressed since 2000, after that it constantly increased and reached approximately $ 49,000 (about 5.8 million yen) around 2011. After showing a little down, we can see that in 2013 we recorded about 45,000 dollars, which has increased significantly compared to 2002.

This is the average per capita per capita in North America where 18 million people live, out of 35 million people who own 44% of the world's total property. Although it can be confirmed a sharp decline of about 100,000 dollars (about 12 million yen) from 2007 to 2008, it rose to nearly 350,000 dollars (about 41 million yen) in 2014. However, it is thought that ultra wealthy people reigning at the top of the property pyramid have a big influence.

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