Nintendo's Wii surpassed expectation sales significantly ahead of schedule

Nintendo originally sold Wii's sales figures for the fiscal year ended March 2008I expected to be 14 millionHowever, I cleared this value before Christmas.Exceeding the sales volume of Xbox 360 in AugustEver since, it seems to be maintaining strong sales.

Details are as below.Video Game Chartz - Nintendo - Sony - Microsoft - The Most Comprehensive Videogame Charts in the World

At the time of writing this article, the sales volume of Wii is 14.21 million units worldwide. The breakdown is 3.99 million in Japan, 6.27 million in the United States, 4.15 million in other countries. In addition, it is 430,000 in Japan, which is devastating sales of Xbox 360 but because of the strong performance in foreign countries, the number of units sold is 13.37 million. PS3 is 5.93 million units.

Because sales of Wii are strong, Nintendo has revised its sales plan upwards, and in August16.5 million units, In October17.5 million unitsAlthough it is doing, it is likely to surpass this expected number when thinking about the holiday shopping battle.

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