PS3 accelerates in 2008, against Xbox 360 with a stall?

According to the forecast announced by research company iSuppli, while Nintendo's Wii will continue to perform well as ever in 2008, Sony's PS3 will accelerate the pace of sales and Microsoft's Xbox 360 may stall.

And in the future there is a possibility that unit sales will be reversed.

Details are as below.
Gaming Consoles: Wii To Dominate Sales This Year, PS3 Next Year - Silicon Alley Insider

According to this article, PS3 will be 10 million units, and Xbox 360 will be sold 7.5 million units, predicting that Wii will continue to establish a dignified 1st place with a strong sales of 12.2 million units in 2008 is.

According to the graph that summarizes the forecasted sales figures, PS3 and Xbox 360 sales are almost in line with 2009, and PS3 will reverse in 2010.

This is the graph. It is estimated that PS3 will be ranked first in 2011, but ....

IncidentallyComparison of unit sales in Japan from February 4 to February 2008, While Xbox 360 is selling 3615 units, PS3 has sold 23,885 units, which indicates that Xbox 360 is struggling in Japan.

In other words, is it that PS3 will steal ahead Xbox 360, which is leading overseas, after making a difference in Xbox 360 in the Japanese market?

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