A game "Scribble!" That guides Chibi characters and clears the map

It is a game that leads Chibi characters called blots to the goal. They just go straight ahead just like lemmings that appear in Lemmings, so they can not go beyond steps, and when they encounter bothersome characters they will be eaten. So, the player uses the ink pen to write a road, eliminate enemies and bridge the pitfalls. There are some enemies that can be knocked down with pen in the second half, or there are parts that can not use pen, so it can be enjoyed quite well.

Details are as follows. The game can be played from the following.

Scribble - Miniclip Games - Play Free Games

Blots are coming down from above. The aim is to take them to the goal. The first person knows the tips of the game properly on the stage.

Do not touch the thorns. As the remaining amount of ink is decided and disappears after a certain amount of time, you can not do things like writing the way to the end and then just walking.

Your bothering character. They can also be removed by walking along the pen road.

Hopefully the goal has come to light. If you bring a number of blots on the flag, it will be clear.

It's okay if it falls to a certain height, but if it is too high it will crush and die. In addition, there are places where ink is used like a fuse wire to explode a bomb, but even if it is caught in an explosion it will die.

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