Apple, did develop "Tablet Mac" emphasizing multimedia function

It seems that things enriched multimedia related functions, such as supporting high definition and installing high-quality wireless speakers, are assumed.

Prior to this, there was a patent application on a touch screen by a third party licensing technology to Apple, a conclusion of a confidentiality agreement with a manufacturer in Taiwan that manufactures Mac notes etc.

Details are as follows.Smarthouse - Display Panels

According to this article, Apple's tablet PC is equipped with the high-quality next generation wireless speakers developed by Australian manufacturers, and the other is that a docking station with an HDMI terminal will be adopted. This may allow you to enjoy movies and music purchased at the iTunes Store with high quality.

The application of the patent on the touch screen at the beginning was taken up earlierDoes the touch screen iPod appear in December of this year?Although it seems to be the same thing as the article saying that it is the article of the article, is it to apply it not only to iPod but also to tablet Mac?

By the way, though Apple's mobile phone "iPhone" is expected to appear similarly, it seems that stock prices are rising sharply by investors who expected the appearance in the beginning of 2007.

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