A disposable e-mail address "10 Minute Mail" that can be used immediately for 10 minutes

Just by accessing the site, you will see your exclusive email address that can only be used for 10 minutes.

If you try sending it from the mail software at hand, you can understand it, but you can receive it via the web properly, all the subjects and text etc. can be displayed in the usual way. Japanese will also be displayed without problems.

It is also possible to reply from a mail address that can only be used for 10 minutes. If you do not do 10 minutes, your email address will disappear, but you can extend your time, so it's best if you want a temporary disposable email address.

Usage is as follows.
10 Minute Mail

When you visit the site, click "Get my 10 Minute Mail e-mail address."

The mail address will be displayed. E - mail address acquisition complete only by this. If you click "10 more minutes!" You can extend it for another 10 minutes.

When there is an incoming call at this mail address, it will be displayed like this. You can check by updating by pressing the browser update button or F5 key. You can read the text by clicking the title.

Click "Reply To This Email" to reply

Just write a reply and click "Reply"

However, even if you reply, the character code is us-ascii, so it gets fucked and can not be read. Sorry. However, since it can be used normally as it is received, it may be useful in many situations ....

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