Do Apple's products called "iTV" appear after the end of January?

Although the image is not a product version, Apple seems to release something called "iTV" like this.

By the way, "iTV" is a multimedia terminal that can enjoy pictures and music contents purchased at the iTunes Store, apparently only by connecting to a home TV.

Details are as follows.
AppleInsider | Apple iTV availability to escape Macworld Expo

According to this article, "iTV" which was planned to be announced at Apple specialized exhibition event "Macworld Expo" held in January and July every year twice a year because it took time to stabilize quality, There is a high possibility that the shipment will not be in time for the announcement, and it is said that it will be in the beginning of January from the end of January.

In addition, "iTV" has various terminals such as wireless LAN, wired LAN, USB, HDMI terminal, component terminal, optical digital output terminal, etc. as shown in the image below, and the video and music contents saved in PC It seems to be able to enjoy it on TV.

In addition, it is said that embedded OS is adopted as OS.

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