Which is the fastest PHP accelerator?

What is called "PHP Accelerator" is that by saving the data compiled into the intermediate format of the executed PHP script in the cache directory, when the same file is accessed thereafter, It uses the cache file to speed up.

So, there are various types of "PHP Accelerator" each and every one as well, but when you compiled various trial reports etc on this page for now, it is said that "APC (Alternative PHP Cache), eAccelerator, XCache Which one? "Seems to be safe. However, from the benchmark results, it seems to me that "XCache", which recently appeared recently, is concerned.

Details are as follows.
Part 1:APC (Alternative PHP Cache)

The details of the installation method etc. are detailed.

Do You PHP? - APC (Alternative PHP Cache) installation procedure

Speed ​​up PHP with APC

[B] Speed ​​up PHP using APC. - LOWTECH.NE.JP Weblog

The RPM version is below.


Regarding the setting, we have detailed explanation below.

Alternative PHP Cache (APC)

As for how fast it actually is,Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake victims relief headquarters @ 2 ch wiki, The load average value before introduction was 127.03 and the average value was 37.31, but after introduction the maximum load Average was 15.33 and the average value fell to 2.10. It is a dramatic effect ...

Part 2:EAccelerator

"Turck MMCache" is the predecessor. The details of the installation method etc. are detailed.

Devel / PHP / Accelerator / eAccelerator - cubic9.com

Install eAccelerator

The setting items are detailed below.

PHP: PHP acceleration with eAccelerator - Y-110's Wiki

It is also put here for Windows.

EAccelerator for Windows

Part 3:XCache

This is not yet famous in Japan, but development is progressing with the feeling that it is not so different from the above-mentioned two famous places,Stability emphasisIt is said that it is being developed in.

The management screen looks something like this.

XCache 1.2-dev Administration

I also have a proper viewer.

XCache PHP Code Coverage Viewer

FreeBSD, openSUSE, Gentoo, Debian, for WindowsIt is prepared from the beginning,Installation from sourceAlso possible.

ElseZend Optimizer,Zend Platform,IonCube PHP AcceleratorThere are such things as, but it is not much "recommended" level compared with the first three.

The benchmark results of all the PHP accelerators that came out here are as follows.

PHP Bytecode Cacher Review October 2006

Details of the test content etc are below.

[Update] PHP on Fire: Five Opcode Caches compared. At WWWorker - Sascha A. Carlin

It seems that the army is rising for XCache and APC. Let's switch to GIGAZINE 's server .... Because I am using RHEL, is APC prepared by RPM more safe ...?

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