"Google Ban Checker" to check if you are not disliked from Google

It is a free software that you can easily check whether the site is like a village octagon saying that your site will not get caught in the search results of Google, so-called "Google 8 minutes".

Also, from a SEO point of view, linking from such site to a site that is being divided into Google may be disadvantageous, so it is a good point to be able to check the linked site.

Let's use it.
First download from the following site.

Google Ban Checker - SEO Junkie

After installing and running, decide the link checking method. If "By completely crawling your site" the method of following all the links of the previous page from the top page. If "By crawling a single page", only that page, "By crawling multiple page" only pages linked from that page, "By completely crawling your directly" check all of the links of your site all round.

After choosing the method, enter the address of the site you want to check in the blank next to the right, and click "Start" to start. We only have to wait until the end.

When finished, it will be displayed like this. The top is the result of checking the linked page of your site. Below that is the check result of the external link. The page rank is also displayed. In the list of the sites where the bottom is made Google. If something comes out here it is to say that you should cut off the link.

If you click "View Report" at the bottom right, such a report will be generated and displayed as an HTML file.

In addition, if you do not want to investigate fully so far, but want to know only if your site is going to Google or not, the following sites are handy.

Google Banned Tool

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