A profiling tool that makes PHP faster

For various PHP accelerators that use intermediate cache to speed up PHP,Which is the fastest PHP accelerator?Of course there are techniques to fundamentally speed up by finding out where it takes time (bottleneck) other than those methods.

There seems to be various tools that are likely to be useful for such work, so let's look at it along with actual usage.
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"Xdebug" seems to be general in general. There is also a module for Windows, which supports not only PHP 4 but also 5.

Xdebug - Debugger and Profiler Tool for PHP

If you are only Xdebug, you can not see the profiling result clearly, so separately, if you use "WinCacheGrind" for Windows environment and "KCachegrind" for Linux and Mac OS X, you can make the profiling results fairly visually easy to understand It seems possible to display.

SourceForge.net: WinCacheGrind


The following article is helpful for the actual profiling procedure combining these tools.

Fast, fast, fastest PHP applications, Part 2: Profiling PHP applications to discover, diagnose and speed up slow code

Profiling: xdebug + WinCacheGrind - Y-110's Wiki

【PHP TIPS】 28. Perform performance measurement with Xdebug and WinCacheGrind: ITpro

[PHP Watch] 11th bugfixed version in PHP 4 / PHP 5, high-performance debugging tool Xdebug appeared: ITpro

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