"Booster Blades" in-line skating has improved considerably

The one that improved the straightness and the speed of the roller skate is called inline skating, the wheel was vertically 4 pushed, but the thing which further increased the inline skate is "Booster Blades".

Booster Blades is a product like an inline skate and a bicycle, so you can go as you go about bicycle pedals and carry around like inline skating. It looks awful, but it looks quite interesting when you watch the movie.

Details are as follows.
Bryan Rawlings award winning Booster Blades, the alternative to Roller Skates & Bicycles

It seems that it is wearing and sliding.

The movie can be seen from the following.
Prototype Booster Blades in action(WMV file)

Inventor Bryan Rawlings and Booster Blades.

I am thrilled to look.

Mr. Bryan seems to have received the bronze medal of the British Invention of the Year Award of 2005 in this invention.

It seems necessary to get used to Booster Blades, Mr. Bryan himself still seems to fall down. I think that it is a pretty interesting product, but in-line skating is prohibited in places with a lot of traffic due to the Road Traffic Law in Japan, and Booster Blades is likely to be subject to regulation in the same way ....

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