Firefox 2 has been released from Mozilla

Firefox 2 which was waiting for now is released at last. There are plenty of new features and changes.

Details are as follows. Download from the following site.

Mozilla Japan - Official website of next generation browser Firefox and mail client Thunderbird

New features and major changes when upgrading from Firefox 1.5.0.x to 2 are as follows.

In the user interface related, the whole design has been redesigned. The extension and theme managers are integrated into the add-on manager. The optional configuration has been partially changed, and tabs of "feed" and "security" are added. It is now possible to select from the home page, the blank page, and the page that was displayed last time.

For RSS · bookmark related, the Web service RSS reader registered from the beginning was changed to Japanese one, and addition was done. In addition, RSS can be subscribed with a feed reader, the function to automatically acquire the micro summary of the bookmark destination and reflect it in the bookmark name has also arrived.

In the security related case, disable SSL2 protocol by default. "Security warning" setting has been added to the option "details" → "security". It seems that the function of warning the phishing scam site is also attached ...

There are many changes and additions to tab related. Added a drop-down menu button to list all the tabs on the right side of the tab bar. Inactive tabs now appear thinner, and scroll buttons for more open tabs are added, and so on. Of course, "the function to restore closed tabs" previously made is also added.

In the search related, the design of the quick search bar has been changed, and it seems that the suggestion function of the search bar has been enhanced. It is delicious to stretch the search bar automatically when the tool bar is empty.

In addition, support for JavaScript 1.7, improvement of the installation wizard of the Win version, the source of the browsing page can be displayed with the external editor, and the compatibility / update check function of the extended function is switched. SVG was also strengthened.

As there are many other new features and changes, people using Firefox check.

About Firefox 2 - Firefox update information Wiki *

People who use extended features with a large amount of extended features may not work, so please install carefully ...

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