'Firefox 125' official release, improved visibility and operability of Firefox View tab list

The official version of the web browser ' Firefox 125 ' has been released. In addition to improvements to the display and operability of the 'Open Tabs' screen in Firefox View, the new version also adds features such as the ability to quickly open URLs in the clipboard and highlight text in the PDF viewer.

Firefox 125.0.1, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes


◆ PDF viewer now supports text highlighting
The PDF viewer now supports text highlighting. This feature is subject to a 'progressive roll out,' with the feature being rolled out to a small number of users first.

◆Firefox View indicators have been improved
Firefox View's Open Tabs now shows pinned tabs, has added tab indicators so you can quickly mute/unmute playing media, and shows information like which tabs are bookmarked and which have notifications.

◆ A function to quickly open URLs from the clipboard has been added
When you focus on the address bar and the clipboard contains a URL, you can now open the URL without having to paste it.

* Improved navigation for radio button groups
In a radio button group with no options selected, the Tab key previously cycled through all options, but as of Firefox 125 it now only focuses on the first option. You can still use the arrow keys to focus each option.

◆ A drop-down menu dedicated to source maps has been added
The Developer Tools debugger panel now has a dedicated drop-down menu at the bottom of the source view for source map related actions.

◆Other changes
- Supports AV1 codec with Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
-More aggressively blocking downloads from potentially untrusted URLs
- Added option to use web proxy auto-detection when configuring to use system proxy settings
The option to disable the debugger pause overlay is reintroduced
・Supports popovers
・WebAssembly multi-memory enabled by default
- Support for Unicode text segmentation in JavaScript
Supports events to avoid context loss on HTMLCanvasElement and OffscreenCanvas
- Supports reading from the clipboard
- The ' transform-box ' CSS property now supports the 'content-box' and 'stroke-box' keywords
align-content now works in block layout
Support for SVGAElement.text has been removed and will be unified with SVGAElement.textContent.

Firefox 125 also includes several security bug fixes .

The next major version, Firefox 126, is scheduled to be released on May 14, 2024 local time.

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