A story till GIGAZINE gains permission to use Google brand

I applied for fax to Google at 13 o'clock on June 22, 2006. And reply came and conditional permission got permission at 5 am on August 22, 2006. Approximately, it will take about 2 months to calculate.

Anyway, it seems that you can get permission if you apply.

It seems that GIGAZINE can properly review the service of Google.

The details of the things up to here are as follows.
The beginning was a mail from the Google AdSense team that arrived around 12 o'clock on June 22.

In short, without content prior to Google's approval GIGAZINE did not include things that characterize Google, such as "Google's trademark," "logo," "web page," "screen shot," and so on. This is a life and death problem because there are many review articles of Google's service. It is impossible to remove the article itself or screenshot, although deleting the Google logo as it is completely out is just out so it is impossible.

So why should we get permission from Google? So I decided to apply.

Google Brand Terms of Service

Guidelines for using Google brand

When you read "How to apply for permission" on the above page, it seems that you only need to send a "license application form".

Google brand license application

That's why I printed the above page and signed it. This is the first one. On the second page, I wrote the name of the applicant himself, the official name of the company / organization, the e-mail address, the contact number such as telephone / fax / mailing address. In addition, we made five sheets that actually printed articles that I wrote so far, saying "samples such as layouts that clearly show usage of Google brands." Furthermore, the type of medium is "Web site", the title and address of the site are also written, and the following explanation was attached.

■ Detailed explanation on the type and content of the materials
We deal mainly with various kinds of news related to the Internet etc, and we will handle it in the genre "Net service" among them. We use the Google logo for the latest news about Google, and for screening articles related to Google related products, we use screenshots of the Google logo and various services offered by Google. For screenshots, processing such as trimming, insertion of a red frame, insertion of an arrow, etc. is performed to supplement the explanation to the user.

■ Distribution method of materials (scope to be distributed, quantity, period, etc.)
Distribution as an article on the net, the range is the range accessed via the net, the quantity is the number to be accessed, there are 5,120,000 accesses per month. A part of this will be access to Google related articles. The period has become unlimited since it was posted.

Furthermore, it wrote "the name of the author and editor of all the materials" and completed. Fax this to the Google Marketing Department and you're done.

After all, the Google AdSense team pointed out that "the license is granted only to the Google brand and no license is granted to trademarks belonging to third parties" As it turned out later, it was settled with that.

So, two months after I completely forgotten, today Jenny from "The Google Permissions Team" received an e - mail. In summary…

· Google's trademark of "Google" can be used in articles
· If you do not do remarkable processing, please use Google screenshot OK
· But using Google's logo is useless, and we will not allow third parties in the future
· Please email me if you have any questions

And, it was like this. As a result, of the things characterizing Google, it is safe to use it in articles of "Google trademark" "screenshot" as long as it complies with the Google brand terms and conditions.

I thought when I applied for this application, is there permission for other news sites or not? Nowadays"Google, difficulty in using "googuru" - CNET JapanThere may be stories like "Maybe there are times when the warning has already been sent to another site, or maybe it will come from ..."

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