OpenAI releases 'GPT Store' where you can share self-made chat AI 'GPTs' & also announces new plan 'ChatGPT Team' for corporations

OpenAI, known for its chat AI 'ChatGPT', has released ' GPT Store ', which allows users to share chat AI created with 'GPTs', a function that allows users to create their own chat AI, to other users. At the same time, we have also launched ChatGPT's paid plan for corporations, `` ChatGPT Team ''.

Introducing the GPT Store

Introducing ChatGPT Team

OpenAI Launches GPT Store For Users to Share Custom Chatbots - Bloomberg

In November 2023, OpenAI announced ``GPTs'', a feature that allows you to customize ChatGPT to create your own chat AI, and also announced ``GPT Store'', which allows you to share your customized GPTs with other users. .

OpenAI announces 'GPTs' that allows you to customize ChatGPT without coding & plans to develop 'GPT Store' where you can publish your own GPTs - GIGAZINE

GPTs allows users to create their own chat AI, such as 'chat AI that teaches board game rules,' 'chat AI that teaches how to write,' and 'chat AI that teaches about laundry' without complicated coding. It is possible. It also supports API calls, allowing customization such as reading email content or providing shopping assistant functions.

The GPT Store, which allows users to share GPTs they create with other users, was originally scheduled to launch in November 2023, but was postponed to 2024 . This postponement is believed to be due to the `` retirement and return of CEO Sam Altman and the renewal of board members '' that occurred immediately after the announcement of the GPT Store.

The release of ``GPT Store'', which allows you to publish your own customized ChatGPT, will be postponed to 2024, perhaps due to the controversy surrounding the dismissal of OpenAI's CEO - GIGAZINE

On the 'GPT Store' released on January 10, 2024 local time, various chat AIs developed by partners and communities are made public, and OpenAI is an example of a publicly available chat AI that allows personalized `` AllTrails '' provides trail guides, `` Consensus '' searches over 200 million academic papers, `` Code Tutor '' provides coding guidance, `` Canva '' designs slides for presentations, and recommends books. The company offers `` Books '' and ` `CK-12 Flexi, '' which mainly teaches mathematics and science to young people.

OpenAI says about GPT Store, ``We will launch a revenue program for GPT developers in the first quarter of 2024.'' This monetization program will allow American developers to receive rewards based on user engagement with the GPTs they develop. Regarding the payment criteria, OpenAI says, ``We will provide details as we get closer to the start of the program.''

The GPT Store will be rolled out to subscribers of the paid subscriptions ChatGPT Plus , ChatGPT Enterprise , and the new ChatGPT Team plan.

ChatGPT Team, which was announced this time, has a higher upper limit on the number of messages for image generation AI DALL·E 3 and large-scale language model GPT-4 compared to ChatGPT Plus for individuals. In addition to being able to share workspaces within your team, you can also create GPTs that can be shared only within your company. No business data or conversations you have are shared with OpenAI.

The ChatGPT Team fee is $30 per month (approximately 4,300 yen) per user, and $25 per month (approximately 3,600 yen) per person for annual billing.

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