Suntory, seasonal limited release of "Iemon Rouji tea"

This "Ieemon gate roast (ho) tea" seems to be a mild aesthetic tea that used spring-picked tea leaves aged for one summer and used "first tea layered tea". It will be released nationwide from September 19. Tax excluding 140 yen.

Details are as follows.Suntory, seasonal limited release of suntory green tea "Iemon Rouji tea" plumply sweet and savory

Tea ceremony of "Fukuzuen" carefully selected tea leaves for "Iemon Rouji". Using spring-picked tea leaves aged for one summer "aged first tea" was used, realized a mellow taste. Furthermore, the tea leaves were cooked slowly with direct flame, and by applying heat, it finished in a sweet and savory taste that was plump, while having taste.

Next to "dense" is "fragrance", I am disgusted about releasing hand-changing goods.

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