Suntory green tea "Iemon dense" new launch

The tea ceremony of "Fukuzuen" seems to realize the rich variety tea leaves and the finely ground tea leaves carefully selected and combined to make it possible to feel a firm taste when drunk and a fresh rear end not to be left behind.

On Tuesday, July 18, 2006 release, the price is 140 yen.

Details are as follows.
Suntory green tea "Iemon dense" new launch
"Iemon gate" of high-quality and dense taste unique when well-established tea ceremony appeared

In Japan, "deeply brewed tea" is loved not only for its deep taste, but also as "a tea that is eyes conspicuous and pleasant feeling" for a long time.
This time "Ieemon gate" develops delicious "dark tea" which is fine and delicious as a tea ceremony of a long-established tea ceremony, and will be released as "Iemon dense". Preliminary consumer surveys have received high praise not only from green tea users but also from customers who are drinking teapot tea usually.

Therefore, it seems that there is a taste of solid tea rather than a light taste often found in PET bottles.

I have also announced such other things.

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