Tray for people eating while hitting the keyboard

It is very important to have a skill to eat while playing a PC. Whether this can be done will cause significant differences in every aspect.

The reason why food related to food and drinks goes bad in GIGAZINE is that when eating and drinking while eating and drinking on a computer, new products that are well-tolerated and more unusual than the usual one nourish the heart It is because it is.

That's why good news for those who are eating while working on a computer, items that make the space just above the keyboard a dining tray.
Keyboard Food Tray - New Launches

Keyboard Food Tray by Duck Young Kong

Let's not think about when the meal falls on the keyboard when the cup placed on it falls down.

So, what should I do if I am a laptop computer .... Although it is not finished with just the damage of the keyboard ....

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