Ultimate iPad sleeve intact, even for dropping a bowling ball and throwing it from an airplane, for laptop PCs also appeared

Since the liquid crystal is exposed on the iPad, it is necessary to use a sleeve etc. so as not to be scratched even when carrying it normally, but even if it drops from a high place or hits a heavy thing For exampleThe liquid crystal will be damagedDanger is inevitable.

For such an iPad, even if dropping the ball of the bowling from above it will not scratch the liquid crystal, the ridiculous sleeve that protects the inside iPad even if it throws away from the flying airplane"IPad Extreme Sleeve 2"Has appeared.

Details are as below.IPad Extreme Sleeve ™ 2. More Edge Protection. More Room. | G-Form

This is "iPad Extreme Sleeve 2". Although it looks solid, the material is soft, it can be folded, and it is said that it is also subjected to waterproofing. Rogers Inoac's high-performance urethane foam produced by"PORON XRD"It is used as a material, while it has extremely high shock absorbing performance, it seems to combine light weight convenient to carry around.

Two kinds of color variation are yellow and black. The product page also states that if you are dissatisfied with the product you will respond to free replacement.

A movie of actually dropping a 12-pound bowling ball from above. It is also experimenting that the liquid crystal breaks with ordinary sleeves.

YouTube - G-Form iPad Protection: 12 lb bowling ball drop on Extreme Sleeve and hard case

A movie taken from another angle in order to solve the question "Is not it changing the bowling ball after experimenting with a normal sleeve?"

YouTube - G-Form 12 lb bowling ball drop on Extreme Sleeve and hard case 2

A movie that I tried dropping from an airplane that is flying.

YouTube - G-Form Extreme Sleeve iPad Case Protects iPad dropped from airplane

Scheduled to be released for notebook PC with the same material. For 11 inch and 13 inch, 15 inch are available.

Of course there is also a movie that actually tested its durability. Below is a movie which I dropped from the 2nd floor of the building onto the ground.

YouTube - G-Form Extreme Sleeve for laptop protects MacBook Pro dropped from 20 ft balcony

Because the concept of the sleeve itself is robust, it looks a little unusual, but is not it convenient for those who always carry iPad and laptop?

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