It will become like this when dropping the iPad from the altitude 100 thousand feet (about 30 thousand meters) near the area 51

There are cases for the iPad in the mountain as much as the mountain, but among them there are cases of "robustness", "toughness", "high protection performance"G-Form"To appeal its robustness, use a balloon near area 51 to protect your company"Extreme Edge for iPad 1 or 2/10 "TabletA movie that says that the iPad with an average price of $ 44.95 = about 3470 yen was raised to an altitude of 100,000 feet (about 30,000 meters) and dropped from there towards the ground was published on YouTube .

IPad Survives 100,000+ Foot Fall From Space Near Area 51 (High-Res) - YouTube

Challenge from now

Mounting complete

Begin floating

We will raise the altitude steadily

Go up

Feeling like cosmic

Suddenly I can play "Pan!"

Start falling

While tremendously turning round and swooping

The ground is approaching in no time ...

Soon the earth


It seems that it fell over there


Good and casually move casually

Operation check

I moved.

However, overseas this movie is fairly appropriate in the first place, because it was the same experiment in the last movie, in that case it dropped on the grass, so it is itself a cushion , And so on have been pointed out one after another. If you look at the movie often this time ... ....

The following is a suspicion movie in that case.

IPads survive 1300 foot drops in G-Form cases during skydiving - YouTube

To the extent that it is truly fake ......

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