Personal computer with breakthrough fall prevention function

Although countermeasures such as strengthening the strength of the main body and putting it in a hard case are common as a measure for when dropping a personal computer, there seems to be a PC with a breakthrough fall prevention function. There is a movie of falling experiment of this personal computer, and if it has this function it seems that there is no problem even if the strength of the main body is not strong.

Let's see what kind of function it is.

Movie playback is from the following.
New Labtop - Video

For ordinary personal computers,

It falls like this and it will be broken.

In the case of a PC with a landmark fall prevention function.

The speed fell during the fall.

My legs are coming out and floating.

Slowly landing.

Finally the feet are stored.

If such a personal computer is released, worry of falling is likely to disappear.

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