Summary of online spreadsheet service

In the meantime, Google has full and can calculate spreads like Excel"Google Spreadsheets"Although it released, there are other similar services as well.

So, I tried collecting various things. I realized that the graph creation function is still essential.
Num Sum - web spreadsheet

As an actual example this is, There is also a graph creation function properly, and it is quite close to Excel.

Online spreadsheet - iRows

The actual example looks something like this, The graph can be three-dimensional.

Zoho Sheet - Online Spreadsheet

Actual example is like this, The most reproducible I have ever seen, it seems that switching of sheets and editing of charts seems to be exactly possible.

When you do this, "Google Spreadsheets" has plenty of room for improvement ...

Omake:Online Excel Viewer

Excel, CSV, OpenOffice Calc format can be displayed with "Zoho Sheet".

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