"SmackBook" which hits the PC and switches the virtual screen realized by Windows

What is called "SmackBook" is that using the mechanism for detecting shocks mounted on iBook, PowerBook, and MacBook Pro, you can hit the side of the monitor and switch to the virtual screen by shocking it A mechanism that enables operation. A strong man who realized this on Windows appeared.

First of all, please look at the movie of the original headman, "SmackBook".
YouTube - SmackBook

See the following page for scripts and explanations for realizing this.

Medallia Blog: SmackBook Pro Archives

So this is what we realized on Windows as well. It's named "SmackPad".

Micampe.it :: Here comes the SmackPad

It is possible with IBM's laptop computer equipped with a system that also detects motion. It takes time and effort to use Python, but the apparent degree of shock is quite strong.

I do not feel like wondering if it will be okay to beat such a lot of bumps before that.

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