First generation holographic storage is 300 GB per sheet

Although it is holographic storage which is the next generation version of HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc, it is expected to be released within this year. Commercial prototypes have already been released, products of the first generation have a capacity of 300 GB per disk, transfer rate of 20 MB per second. In the future it is expected to be about 1.6 TB from 800 GB in one piece. The size of one piece is the same diameter as the current DVD.
Gizmag Article: Holographic storage demonstrates 515 Gigabits Per Square Inch Data Density

It is a ridiculous amount of capacity of 300 GB with one sheet ....

Simply comparing by capacity will be like this.

HD DVD (single-sided single layer, read only): 15 GB
HD DVD (2 layers, read only): 30 GB
HD DVD (single side single layer, rewritable): 20 GB
HD DVD (2 layers, rewritable): 40 GB
Blu-ray Disc: 27 GB
Holographic disk: 300 GB

Are the prices and penetration rates again? Even good standards have no meaning unless everyone uses it.

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