Is it possible to realize 1 terabyte optical disk within 2 to 3 years

I think that it would be nice to have a DVD or CD on hand to fit on one disk, but it would be true if this technology is realized. According to the researcher said that it will be realized in 2 to 3 years, he said that he developed a new method of storing data.

Details are below.
Laser Breakthrough At UCF May Change Digital Storage

Considering that HD DVD is 30 to 40 GB and Blu-ray Disc is 50 GB (both in the case of two layers), it is a tremendous increase in capacity. Once this disc is completed, you can also backup the contents of the 1 TB HDD as a whole.

When I looked it up, already in 2002 the company called Optoware has announced a system that realizes 1 TB of storage capacity, and in 2005 an alliance (group) for commercialization was established.

Optical ware, "Terabyte optical disc system realizing recording capacity of 1 TB maximum"

"HVD Alliance" of hologram optical disk is established, to be commercialized with a capacity of 200 GB (MYCOM Journal)

It seems that this HVD will be commercialized next year as soon as the drive of the Blu-ray generation came out soon. It is also impossible for terabyte-class HDDs to come up, so it may not be an image sketch that optical disks become terabyte class.

by the way,50 terabytes of DVDWhat happened ...

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