Hitachi And Mitsubishi Chemical to develop optical disc with 40x capacity to Blu-ray

Hitachi and Mitsubishi Chemical is to co-develop next generation optical disc, which will achieve 40 times larger capacity compared to existing Blu-ray disc.

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(JP)x25 more than Blu-ray! next generation optical disc on the way : Economy : Money & Economy : YOMIURI ONLINE

According to Yomiuri Shibmbun, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Chemical is to co-develop a "Next Generation Optical Disc".

The disc utilizes holographic technology which records data not only on surface of the disc but also on deeper recording layers of the disc. With this, the disc will has 1TB capacity, which is 40 times larger than single-layer Blu-ray disc(25GB).

Tokyo University of Science will also participate in the development. Three groups will form technological research association for tax benefit by end of July and will invest on the technology 10 billion yen(about 1 million USD) in next 3 years. The commercialization of the product is scheduled in 2012.

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