I tried eating and drinking Don Takos barbecue sauce attached

Dontakos is a crispy texture of tortilla chips. | Lake Ikebayashi Co., Ltd.

Dontakos selling only at convenience stores, I bought it because it was interesting. Add it to the sauce and eat it like the picture above. A rich taste was characteristic.
The package looks something like this

The sauce is small, but enough to eat it

It seems to say that I should eat this way

Chips in it may be delicious if you hang it on the salad or add it

I put it side by side.

And this is the long-awaited sauce, we are going to put a triangle 's irregular tip a little bit here.

It seems that you can enjoy it in various patterns if you use stubborn story, a thick dressing and a strong type of dressing. It might be delicious even if you put on something like kimuchi's ingredients.

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