X (formerly Twitter) has made the 'Like' column private, as anyone can see what you 'liked' in order to encourage wrong behavior.

X (formerly Twitter) used to make the posts that accounts had 'liked' publicly available for anyone to see. However, this 'like' section encourages wrong behavior, and will soon be shut down, according to Haofei Wang , engineering director at X.

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'We're making likes private. Making the likes public encourages wrong behavior. For example, many people hesitate to like potentially 'radical' content because they fear retaliation from trolls or to protect their own image. Soon you'll be able to like without worrying about who's watching. We're also letting you know that the more posts you like, the better our recommendation algorithm will be,' Wang wrote in his post announcing that he would make the likes private.

In response, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey pointed out, 'So what's the difference between a 'like' and a 'bookmark'? A 'like' was originally a star. We should never have moved away from that.'

In response, Enrique Barragan , a software engineer at X, wrote, 'Posters can see who liked their posts, but they can't see who bookmarked them. I agree about the stars. I liked that one.' He explained the difference between 'likes' and 'bookmarks.'

The Verge, a technology media outlet, points out that the reason for making X's likes private is that many famous users have come under fire for liking various NSFW and offensive content. For example, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming have come under fire for liking pornographic content on their X accounts. X's Elon Musk has also come under fire for liking transphobic posts.

In addition, X offered a feature to hide the 'Like' column in its paid subscription service, X Premium.

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