Sony's temperature control device 'REON POCKET 5' that cools the skin directly with cold metal: Appearance review

Sony released the REON POCKET 5 on April 23, 2024, a device that can directly cool or warm the body with a metal plate mounted on the main unit. The REON POCKET 5 has up to 1.5 times the heat absorption performance and up to 1.8 times the continuous operating time compared to

the previous generation model . I was able to borrow the REON POCKET 5 from Sony, so I first checked out its appearance and fit.

REON POCKET Product List | New Lifestyle | Sony

The REON POCKET 5 is available in two sets: the main unit and neckband, and the main unit, neckband, and smart thermometer ' REON POCKET TAG '. This time, I borrowed the latter set.

The package contained the REON POCKET 5 attached to the neckband, a USB charging cable, replacement airflow parts, a REON POCKET TAG, an instruction manual, and a warranty card.

The REON POCKET 5 looks like this with the neckband attached.

The REON POCKET 5 can be disassembled into the main body, neckband, and airflow parts.

This is REON POCKET 5.

There is a metal plate exposed on the back. This metal plate can directly cool or warm the body. The material of the metal plate is stainless steel '

SUS316L '.

There's nothing on the left side.

The right side houses the charging port and power button.

There is an exhaust hole on the top.

And there is an intake vent on the bottom.

To wear the REON POCKET 5, first place the REON POCKET 5 on the neckband.

Next, attach the airflow parts. The airflow parts come in two sizes: short for T-shirts and long for collared shirts.

This time, I installed the long airflow part because I wanted to use it while wearing a collared shirt. No tools are required for installation, just press it in place with your hands.

The REON POCKET 5 weighed 159g with the neckband and long airflow parts attached.

This is what it looks like when you actually wear it. The airflow parts stick out from the collar, but they're not that noticeable.

The REON POCKET TAG is a smart thermometer equipped with a thermometer/hygrometer and proximity sensor, and when used in combination with the REON POCKET 5, it enables things like 'automatic switching between cooling and heating functions according to the temperature.'

The REON POCKET TAG can be easily stored in your breast pocket. Neither the REON POCKET 5 nor the REON POCKET TAG are inconvenient for tasks that require minimal movement, such as working on a computer.

The results of the actual testing of the cooling performance of the REON POCKET 5 can be found at the link below.

Review of the cooling performance of Sony's temperature control device 'REON POCKET 5' measured by thermography - GIGAZINE

In addition, REON POCKET 5 is available at Sony stores and various online stores, and at the time of writing, a set of REON POCKET 5, neckband and REON POCKET TAG is available on for 19,800 yen including tax. Sony REON POCKET 5 Sensing Kit Released in April 2024 Wearable Cooler Neck Cooler Wearable Warmer Neck Heater Hanging Peltier Element Compatible with both hot and cold Lightweight Commuting Heat Protection: Electronics & Cameras

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