Sweet and sour oil chicken sauce is the deciding factor 'Oil chicken cheese chicken tatsuta' & 'Rice chicken tatsuta oil chicken cheese' tasting review

' Yulin Chicken Cheese Chicken Tatsuta ', a dish made with citrus juice and sandwiched between

a tatsuta patty and a yulin chicken sauce, appeared at McDonald's on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. In addition, ' Rice Chicken Tatsuta Yulin Chicken Cheese ', which can be eaten only after 5 p.m., and ' Shaka Shaka Potato Grilled Corn Flavor ', which allows you to enjoy the aroma of soy sauce and the sweetness of corn, were also available on the same day, so I actually bought and tried them.

This year's Chicken Tatsuta is collaborating with Detective Conan for the first time! You can enjoy all 7 types of Tatsuta series, including new products, all day long!

Arrived at McDonald's.

The menu on the register lists the items you are looking for: 'Yakitori Cheese Chicken Tatsuta,' 'Rice Chicken Tatsuta Oil Chicken Cheese,' and 'Shakashaka Potato Grilled Corn Flavor.' Please note that 'Rice Chicken Tatsuta Oil Chicken Cheese' is only available after 5 p.m.

From the left, they are 'Yulin Chicken Cheese Chicken Tatsuta', 'Rice Chicken Tatsuta Yulin Chicken Cheese', and 'Shaka Shaka Potato Grilled Corn Flavor'.

'Yuramidori Cheese Chicken Tatsuta' is a boxed burger with an illustration of Conan on the box.

'What? This Tatsuta has cheese in it!'

So this is what the 'Yakitori Cheese Chicken Tatsuta' looks like.

Red oil-based chicken sauce is spread between the bun and the Tatsuta patty. Cheese and cabbage are sandwiched under the Tatsuta patty.

When I tried it, the buns were fluffy and the patty was soft, making for a very soft burger. The yulin chicken sauce was sweet and had a refreshing sour taste, and had a refreshing aftertaste. The cheese was not very strong, so I didn't really taste the cheese.

Conan is also printed on the wrapper of the 'Rice Chicken Tatsuta Fried Chicken with Sweet and Sour Chicken and Cheese.'

'Rice Chicken Tatsuta Oil Chicken Cheese' looks like this.

The only difference between this and the 'Yuramitori Cheese Chicken Tatsuta' is that the buns have been changed to rice buns.

By changing to rice buns, you can enjoy the feeling of 'eating a whole fried chicken set meal.' Also, perhaps due to the taste of the rice, the sourness of the fried chicken sauce is milder than that of the 'Fried Chicken Cheese Chicken Tatsuta.'

Finally, I tried the 'Shakashaka Potato Grilled Corn Flavor'. Shakashaka potatoes are regular potatoes with seasoning powder. This time I chose the M size potato.

Add potatoes and grilled corn flavor powder to the included paper bag.

Shake it vigorously.


When I tried it, the potato had the added aroma and sweetness of corn, making it taste similar to a corn potage-flavored snack.

The 'Yulin Chicken Cheese Chicken Tatsuta' is 490 yen including tax, the 'Rice Chicken Tatsuta Yulin Chicken Cheese' is 540 yen including tax, and the 'Shaka Shaka Potato Grilled Corn Flavor' is the price of the potato plus 40 yen, and the prices vary depending on the store and whether or not delivery is available.

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