A review of the watermelon game 'Fruit Mountain' that has been transformed from 2D to 3D and has increased the depth of the game

Beside, known for '

Super Bullet Break ' and ' Phantom Sun Yohane -NUMAZU in the MIRAGE- ', released the physics puzzle game ' Fruit Mountain ' on Monday, March 18, 2024. This game is a simple game of throwing fruit into a plate and sticking the same fruit together to make a big watermelon, but the concept of depth also increases the strategic nature of the game. It can be played for less than 1,000 yen, so I actually played it quickly and checked its depth.

Fruit Mountain – Official Site – BeXide Inc.

You can get a good idea of what kind of game 'Fruit Mountain' is by playing the movie below.

3D watermelon game-like puzzle 'Fruit Mountain' play video - YouTube

The start screen of 'Fruit Mountain' looks like this. Click 'Game Start' to start the game.

The controls are simple: use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the plate, use the up and down keys to select the angle, and then use the space bar to launch the fruit. You can also play with a controller.

The game progresses by throwing the fruit in front of you onto the plate. The next fruit is displayed in the upper right corner.

With the horned bitter melon on the plate, another horned bitter melon appears. Now, aim at the horned bitter melon on the plate and fire the horned bitter melon in your hand.

Then, the horned bitter melons stuck together and became peaches.

The fruits that will grow larger when you combine them are displayed on the left. 'Make blueberries into strawberries, make strawberries into horned melons, make horned melons into peaches...' and so on. The bigger the fruit you make, the more points you'll get.

If multiple fruits stick together in one shot, it will create a chain reaction and you will get a bonus to your score.

As I stuck the fruits together, the melons stuck together and created the biggest watermelon. The girl in the back who was sketching the fruits was also very happy.

After that, I continued to combine the fruits, but accidentally one of them fell off the plate.

If the fruit falls off the plate, the game is over.

Your score will be registered in the ranking.

My impression after playing for a while is that although the gameplay is simple, there is strategy involved in how you add fruit, making it a deep and highly addictive game.

For example, if you line up fruits of similar size, such as the smallest blueberry and the next largest strawberry, when the next blueberry comes, they can be used to create strawberries, and those strawberries can then be used to create horned bitter melons, so fruits are less likely to accumulate on the plate and you can earn a stable score. On the other hand, by lining up fruits of different sizes or stacking them one on top of the other, you can aim for a chain reaction all at once, but fruits are more likely to fall off the plate, so your play style will change depending on whether you are aiming for a risky score or prioritizing stability.

Additionally, the game features techniques unique to 3D, such as smashing fruit into other fruit to make them stick to one another like in billiards, as well as physics-based happenings unique to 'watermelon game' games, such as when the force of the fruit combining causes other fruit to be ejected at high speed, resulting in game over. I felt that this would definitely be a game that anyone who has ever been into games of this genre would enjoy.

At the time of writing, there are only two rankings where you can register your score: 'My Score Ranking' and 'Online Ranking.' However, GIGAZINE has exclusive information that 'We are considering increasing the number of ranking types, such as monthly and weekly rankings, in the future.' We were informed by Beside.

Fruit Mountain will be released on Steam on Monday, March 18, 2024, and the price is 980 yen including tax. In addition, the release date and price have not been decided at the time of writing, but it has been decided that it will also be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Steam: Fruit Mountain


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