The beta version of Android 15 has arrived, with features such as 'adjusting the line break position of Japanese text' and 'partially uninstalling apps to free up space'

Google has released a beta version of Android 15. The released beta version includes features such as 'a feature to align line breaks in Japanese text to make it easier to read,' 'a feature to expand the display area of apps,' and 'a feature to partially uninstall apps to free up space.'

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Android Developers Blog: The First Beta of Android 15

◆ Adjusting the line break position of Japanese text
Android app developers could use the constant ' JUSTIFICATION_MODE_INTER_WORD ' to adjust the position of line breaks in text. However, while JUSTIFICATION_MODE_INTER_WORD works well for languages that separate words with spaces, such as English, there was a problem with languages that do not use spaces to separate words, such as Japanese and Chinese, where 'unnatural blank spaces appear on the right side of the screen.'

Android 15 adds a new constant called '

JUSTIFICATION_MODE_INTER_CHARACTER ', which allows for natural line breaks in Japanese and Chinese.

◆ Expanded app display area
Previously, in Android, you could expand the display area of your app

to the edge of the screen by using 'Window.setDecorFitsSystemWindows(false)' and 'enableEdgeToEdge()'. In Android 15, you can now display your app to the edge of the screen without any settings.

◆ Supports partial uninstallation of apps
In 2023, an '

auto-archive ' feature was added to Google Play that partially uninstalls infrequently used apps while retaining personal data. Android 15 will support auto-archive at the OS level.

Other changes in the Android 15 beta include 'improved reliability of NFC payments,' 'improved support for Braille displays,' and 'improved public key management.'

The beta version of Android 15 is now available for the Pixel series from Pixel 5a onwards, and you can join the beta program at the link below.

Android Beta Program

The beta version of Android 15 is scheduled to be updated every month from now on, and is expected to reach a stable version with beta version 3, scheduled to be released in June 2024.

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