Airbnb completely bans installation of surveillance cameras indoors

Airbnb, a private lodging brokerage service, has announced a policy of completely banning indoor surveillance cameras. This is to protect the privacy of our guests and applies worldwide.

An update on our policy on security cameras

Until now, Airbnb has clearly specified the presence of surveillance cameras on the property introduction page of the reservation site, and allowed the use of indoor surveillance cameras only in shared spaces such as hallways and living rooms, other than personal spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. It had been.

This policy will be updated on April 30, 2024 to no longer permit the installation of security cameras on property, regardless of location, purpose, or prior disclosure.

Devices like doorbell cameras and other outdoor cameras and noise monitors are still allowed as a way for hosts to maintain home security and prevent unauthorized parties. However, when installing an outdoor camera, it is necessary to disclose the existence of the camera and its approximate location, and in the case of a noise monitor, it is necessary to use one that only measures the volume without a recording function. There are restrictions in place.

According to Airbnb, this update is expected to affect only a small number of properties, as the majority of properties do not have security cameras installed.

Juniper Downs, head of community policy and partnerships at Airbnb, said: 'Our goal was to provide greater clarity about what happens on Airbnb and provide new, clear rules for our community. The changes were made in consultation with guests, hosts, and privacy experts. We will continue to seek feedback to ensure our policies work for our communities around the world.' .

To allow hosts time to comply with this update, the revised policy will go into effect on April 30, 2024. Reports of violations of the revised policy will be investigated and action may be taken, including account deletion.

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