Survey results show that users of CarPlay and Android Auto, which can be connected to a smartphone and use apps in the car, listen mostly to the radio, but some say, ``I haven't listened to the radio in my car for years.''


CarPlay '' developed by Apple is a system that connects iPhone and car display. Since CarPlay was announced in 2014 , it has been adopted by many car manufacturers, but a survey has been published that shows that most CarPlay users only listen to the radio.

In-Car Listening and Infotainment Systems - Edison Research

People with CarPlay are mostly just listening to AM/FM radio - 9to5Mac

Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto are standards for connecting in-vehicle infotainment and smartphones, and various automakers are adopting these standards. By connecting smartphones and in-vehicle systems, apps that can be used on smartphones can be easily used in the car, and the audio experience of users in the car is likely to change.

Research company Edison Research is conducting a survey of people aged 13 and older living in the United States regarding their audio experience in cars. The graph below summarizes the survey results, the upper graph shows what kind of audio experience vehicle users who do not have CarPlay or Android Auto spend their time on, and the lower graph shows CarPlay A representation of how vehicle users with either Android Auto or Android Auto spend their time with the audio experience.

For vehicle users without CarPlay or Android Auto, 67% of the audio experience appears to be spent on AM/FM radio playback (dark blue). In addition, 9% play streaming music (yellow green), 12% play satellite radio service SiriusXM radio (pink), 4% play podcasts (light blue), and others (gray). ) is 8%. In addition, it seems that music playback from CDs etc. is also included.

On the other hand, vehicle users with CarPlay or Android Auto appear to spend 48% of their audio experience playing AM/FM radio. Although the percentage is lower than in vehicles without CarPlay or Android Auto, it can be seen that radio is very popular even in vehicles equipped with CarPlay or Android Auto. Additionally, 18% stream music, 19% listen to satellite radio service SiriusXM Radio, 7% listen to podcasts, and 10% listen to audio through other methods. .

Edison Research points out that vehicles equipped with CarPlay or Android Auto spend about twice as much time playing music via streaming compared to vehicles without it. Still, a significant percentage of radio is played, and if you include SiriusXM radio, that means 65% of audio playback is spent on radio playback.

Edison Research points out that although various options are emerging for the audio environment in cars, radios are still preferred by drivers.

On the other hand, in the comment section of Apple-related media 9to5Mac, ``I'm surprised by the results of this survey because I can't even remember the last time I listened to the radio,'' and ``The last time I intentionally listened to the radio was...'' That was seven years ago.'' Many comments questioned the findings, including, ``It's no surprise that this study was probably funded by a radio advertising agency.'' However, ``I listen to public radio audiobooks when traveling long distances.'' ``I'm in my mid-40s, but I haven't been able to switch to music apps. I have CarPlay, but only a few times a week.'' We were able to confirm some positive radio opinions, such as, 'I don't use it. I prefer the style of radio where a DJ plays random music.'

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