Google introduces preview version of AI service group 'Duet AI' capable of coding assistance and data analysis to Google Cloud

Google has announced that it has introduced a preview version of the work assistance AI service group 'Duet AI' to Google Cloud. Duet AI includes AI useful for coding and data analysis, and can be tested for free at the time of article creation.

Duet AI | Google Cloud

Duet AI in Google Cloud Preview | Google Cloud Blog

Google collectively refers to work-assisting AI such as `` AI that can complement text with Google Docs '' and `` AI that analyzes data with Google Spreadsheet '' as `` Duet AI ''. On August 30, 2023 (Wednesday), a preview version of Duet AI services such as coding assistance AI and data analysis assistance AI will be available on Google Cloud. The main operations that are possible with Duet AI for Google Cloud are as follows.

◆ Code refactoring
With Duet AI, you can refactor your code with natural language instructions. For example, you can let AI correct the code simply by entering a sentence such as 'Rewrite this function in Go and change it to use Cloud SQL.' You can check how the code is actually refactored with Duet AI in the following movie.

Duet AI in Google Cloud - chat assistance - YouTube

◆ Error correction
Duet AI is also built into Google Cloud's Log Explorer, which can output detailed descriptions of errors in natural language and suggest ways to fix them. In the movie below, you can see how Duet AI is actually used in Log Explorer.

Duet AI in Google Cloud - troubleshooting issues - YouTube

◆ Data analysis
With Duet AI, you can generate code to analyze data on BigQuery simply by entering a sentence such as 'divide customer data into 10 segments'.

Duet AI in Google Cloud - code assistance in BigQuery - YouTube

In addition, Duet AI can be used to generate data-based graphs and colored maps.

Duet AI in Google Cloud - data analysis and visualization - YouTube

◆ Speeding up the database
With Duet AI, it is also possible to generate SQL statements by giving instructions in natural language. In addition to being able to use Duet AI in ' Spanner ' already, ' AlloyDB ' and ' Cloud SQL ' will also be able to use Duet AI.

Duet AI in Google Cloud - code assistance in BigQuery - YouTube

◆ Enhanced security
Duet AI is integrated into Google's security products Chronicle Security Operations and Security Command Center , as well as Mandiant Threat Intelligence . This allows security administrators to view threat intelligence summaries and get advice on how to address issues. The functions of Duet AI in security-related products are explained in detail at the following links.

New AI capabilities that can help address your security challenges | Google Cloud Blog

Duet AI is in the preview stage at the time of article creation and can be tested for free.

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