I tried it because it became possible to import the extension used in Chrome to Firefox

Firefox has a feature that allows you to import your history and favorites from another browser. Newly, Firefox started testing ``Function to import extensions in use in Chrome'', so I checked the procedure to actually import extensions from Chrome.

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◆ Enabling the extension import function
The ability to import extensions from Chrome is not enabled by default and must be enabled by changing advanced settings. To change advanced settings, first type 'about:config' in the address bar and press Enter.

When the warning screen is displayed, click 'Use with knowledge of danger'.

This will open the advanced settings screen.

Next, enter 'browser.migrate.chrome.extensions.enabled' in the setting item search field, and click the rightmost button when the setting item is displayed.

If the part circled in red becomes 'true', the activation of the extension import function is complete.

◆ Import extensions from Chrome
This time, for testing, I created a Chrome profile with the following extensions installed.

To install an extension from Chrome to Firefox, first click the menu button and then 'Settings'.

When the setting screen opens, click 'Import data'.

Select the browser profile you want to import and then click '+'.

Make sure that 'Extensions' is checked and then click 'Import'.

Click Done when the import is complete.

Then click the menu button and then click 'Finalize installing extensions omported to Firefox'.

Then, the final process of installing the extension is executed, and the information page of the extension etc. opens. The extension import is now complete.

To check if the extension was successfully installed, click the menu button and then click 'Add-ons and themes'.

When I opened the extension list page, some of the extensions used in Chrome were installed.

The extension installed in Firefox is not the one distributed in the Chrome Web Store, but the Firefox version of the same extension. For this reason, not all Chrome extensions can be imported, and only extensions registered in the following

list of migratable extensions created by the Firefox development team can be imported. Also, the extension settings are not imported, so you need to set them after the import is complete.

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