I actually installed the extended SSD 'WD_BLACK SN850P' that can add ultra-high speed storage to PS5 to PS5 & compared the speed with the built-in SSD

Nowadays, there are games with a data size of over 100GB, so when you play with friends, you play FPS, and when you play alone, you play RPG. If you don't delete the game data, the PS5's 825GB (667GB effective free space) built-in SSD will quickly fill up and you won't be able to install new games. The '

WD_BLACK SN850P ' released by Western Digital as an expansion storage dedicated to PS5 is useful in such cases. I actually attached this WD_BLACK SN850P to PS5 and verified how much difference the built-in SSD and game loading time would have.

WD_BLACK SN850P NVMe™ SSD for PS5® Consoles | Western Digital

You can see what the WD_BLACK SN850P looks like by reading the following article.

Official extended SSD ``WD_BLACK SN850P'' photo review that can extend PS5's ultra-high speed SSD at explosive speed - GIGAZINE

So, let's attach WD_BLACK SN850P to PS5 at once. The installation method is the same Western Digital PlayStation official licensed product as WD_BLACK SN850P, and it is also a model before WD_BLACK SN850P.

First, turn off the power of PS5, remove all cables, and place the main unit horizontally so that the surface on the optical drive side (right side when PS5 is upright) is facing up.

Then slide the entire white plate on the side of PS5 in the direction of the arrow (bottom side of PS5) while pulling upwards to lift the corner opposite to the optical drive.

Then a cooling fan (right) and an optical drive (left) appeared like this.

There is an SSD slot where you can install the WD_BLACK SN850P on the silver striped plate on the side of the cooling fan.

So, first remove the screws. It can be easily removed with a common Phillips screwdriver.


Install WD_BLACK SN850P here as below.

Before installing WD_BLACK SN850P, first remove the spacer fixed with screws.

The removed screws and spacers are below.

Reposition this spacer to: Since '80' and a number are written at this position, it is necessary to check.

Insert the WD_BLACK SN850P as below without fixing the spacer with screws. Even if you insert it all the way in, the side with the spacer will float a little as shown below, but there is no problem.

It is OK if you fix this slightly floating side with screws together with the spacer.

After that, just fix the SSD slot plate in the opposite procedure and return the PS5 white plate.

After installing WD_BLACK SN850P and starting PS5, the following notification screen will be displayed at the first startup. Select 'Format M.2 SSD'.

Then the measurement of the reading speed of the added SSD started. The measurement will be completed in a few seconds. The nominal read speed of WD_BLACK SN850P is 7300MB/s and the write speed is 6600MB/s (2TB, 4TB only), but the speed measurement of PS5 shows that the read speed of WD_BLACK SN850P/2TB model is 6534MB/s . was displayed. If you select 'OK', you can use PS5 as usual.

In the speed measurement function of PS5, the reading speed of the WD_BLACK SN850P 4TB model was measured as ' 6522MB/s '.

So, first, let's move it to the WD_BLACK SN850P with the added game data. The PS5 system software used has been updated to the latest version at the time of article creation.

It is

Elden Ring to move, and the game version has been updated to the latest version at the time of article creation. The data size was '51.06 GB'.

To move the data go to settings.

Select 'Storage'.

Select the game data you want to move.

Select 'Move'.

Select 'OK'.

Data transfer from PS5 to WD_BLACK SN850P was fairly fast, and even data over 50GB was transferred in about 40 seconds.

Move over 50GB game data from PS5 built-in SSD to WD_BLACK SN850P-YouTube

On the other hand, the following video shows how the game data on the WD_BLACK SN850P is moved to the PS5's built-in SSD. Unlike the data transfer from PS5 to WD_BLACK SN850P, the data transfer took about 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Move over 50GB game data from WD_BLACK SN850P to PS5 built-in SSD-YouTube

In addition, with the Elden Ring game data saved on the PS5 built-in SSD, WD_BLACK SN850P 2TB model and 4TB, respectively, select 'CONTINUE' from the game startup screen, load the game data, and actually play the game. The following video compares the time until it becomes like this.

Compare loading time of Elden ring with PS5 built-in SSD and WD_BLACK SN850P-YouTube

As you can see in the video, if you use WD_BLACK SN850P, it is possible to achieve the same explosive loading time as the PS5 built-in SSD. It is possible to expand the storage capacity while realizing the 'explosion loading time' which is one of the features of PS5, so it seems to be highly recommended for those who are playing multiple games at the same time.

The WD_BLACK SN850P is sold on Amazon.co.jp for 15,853 yen for the 1TB model, 26,157 yen for the 2TB model, and 44,640 yen for the 4TB model.

Amazon.co.jp: Western Digital Western Digital Internal SSD 4TB PS5 Official Licensed Edition WD_Black SN850 PCIe Gen4 M.2-2280 (Read Up to 7,300MB/s) WDBBYV0040BNC-WRSN: Personal Computer Peripheral Equipment

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