Elon Mask suggests removing the blocking function of X (Twitter), but Tsukkomi says ``impossible'' in a community note

Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly Twitter), has indicated his intention to remove the 'block' function that prevents others from seeing his posts. However, a community note that supplements and corrects the posted content points out that 'it can't be done'.

Mr. Mask replied to a post by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) saying ``Is there a reason to block or mute? Posted.

Block is a function that prevents specific users from seeing their own posts, accounts they follow, follower lists, lists, and likes when they are logged in to X. Even if the user mentions you directly, you will not receive a notification, and on the other hand, the other person's post will not be displayed on your timeline.

How to block an account on Twitter

In our Help Center, the blocking feature is listed under 'How to use Twitter better'.

How to use Twitter more comfortably

Musk didn't elaborate on his attempt to remove the blocking feature, saying it 'doesn't make sense.'

@teslaownersSV, who triggered the eliciting of Mr. Musk's post, replied to Mr. Musk, ``In my opinion, there is value in blocking. Masu.

In addition, a community note points out that 'it can't be done' for posts that suggest removing the blocking function. This is because the App Store and Google Play app distribution guidelines stipulate that apps that handle user-generated content, such as SNS, must be equipped with functions to block malicious users and content.

In the case of Apple, it is described in the item '1.2 User-Generated Content' of the guidelines.

App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer

Google also has a description in the 'User Generated Content' section.

User Generated Content - Play Console Help


It seems that the mute function will not be removed, but it is unclear whether the 'block' defined in the guidelines is also considered OK for the mute function.

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