How can you make art by stepping on plastic bottles with colorful paints?

YouTuber's The Slow Mo Guys has released a video of how art is created by putting paints in multiple plastic bottles, arranging them, jumping on them and firing paints at once.

Slow Mo Paint Stomper #shorts #slowmotion-YouTube

What flows is a video shot facing the feet, jumping on a place like a wooden box.

Then, eight colors of paint spurted out of the box.

And I will fly towards the board installed opposite.

Mr. Dan, who supports the board, closes his eyes involuntarily to the jumping paint.

Looking at the video from another angle, you can see that Mr. Gab was shooting while holding the camera.

When I jumped on the box where the paint was installed, the paint of 8 colors jumped out at once.

Paint that splattered violently toward the board.

The Slo Mo Guys has revealed that this project was inspired by YouTuber Travis Chapman's project.

Rainbow blaster. Rainbow painting machine-YouTube

Mr. Chapman describes this as 'The rainbow blaster'.

Mr. Chapman said that he had a desire to 'draw a picture with some kind of violent power.'

Mr. Chapman said that he thought, 'Isn't it better to blow off the paint?'

Set the paint like this.

Then he jumped on board and sprayed the paint onto the canvas.

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