Announced that a team at Southeast University observed `` zero resistance '' at minus 163 degrees about normal temperature normal pressure superconductor `` LK-99 '' reproduction experiment

In July 2023, a Korean research team published an unrefereed paper on

`` LK-99 '', a substance that becomes superconducting at normal temperature and pressure . Research institutes around the world are working on reproduction experiments to clarify whether LK-99 is really a superconductor. We confirmed that the resistance becomes zero at (approximately minus 163 degrees).”

Observation of zero resistance above 100° K in Pb 10−x Cu x (PO 4 ) 6 O

Successful detection of LK99 and 110K zero current block_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

Superconductors with zero electrical resistance are used in linear motor cars and quantum computers, but existing superconductors have the problem that ``the resistance does not become zero unless it is cooled to a very low temperature.'' It exists, and research institutes around the world are working to develop materials that exhibit superconductivity at even slightly higher temperatures. Even if I said 'a little higher temperature', I was talking about an extremely low temperature class of around minus 200 degrees, but in July 2023, a Korean research team announced LK-99, 'It exhibits superconductivity even at room temperature. It has become a big topic because it is said that

A paper and movie stating that ``a substance that becomes superconducting at room temperature and normal pressure'' has been developed will be released-GIGAZINE

If LK-99 really exhibits superconductivity even at room temperature, it will bring immeasurable benefits such as ``it is possible to build an ideal energy network without transmission loss'' and ``the spread of quantum computers is approaching''. . For this reason, research institutes around the world have been working on reproduction experiments of LK-99 since immediately after the announcement of LK-99, and on July 31, 2023, ``the reproduced LK-99 showed superconductivity.'' A movie to do is also released.

Research results supporting the existence of the dream normal temperature and pressure superconductor ``LK-99'' will be announced one after another, and a video suggesting that the reproduced LK-99 is a superconducting substance is also released-GIGAZINE

In an unrefereed paper newly published by Southeast University, it is said that the synthesized LK-99 showed zero resistance at 110 K (about minus 163 degrees). Minus 163 degrees is a very low temperature, but it can be said that it is a high temperature compared to the transition temperature of existing superconductors.

However, in addition to the feature of zero resistance in superconductors, there is also the feature that the 'Meissner effect' that floats on the magnet occurs, but LK-99 synthesized by the research team of Southeast University has the Meissner effect It could not be confirmed.

In addition, Mr. Solid Quantum , an unofficial VTuber in the Kyoto University Physics Laboratory, said, ``If you convert the graph published by the research team from a logarithmic scale to a linear scale, you cannot see the steep changes characteristic of the superconducting transition.'' It seems good to think that the resistance is below the measurement accuracy limit.”

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