75% of games on Steam are now playable on Steam Deck

Valve, which operates the game sales platform Steam, has released a Linux-based mobile gaming PC ``

Steam Deck ''. Boiling Steam, a news site about PC gaming on Linux, reports that 75% of game titles distributed on Steam can now be played on Steam Deck.

Valve is Accelerating the Validation of Games From 2023 for the Steam Deck Like Never Before... Including Games Not Even Released Yet - Boiling Steam
https://boilingsteam.com/valve-is-accelerating-the-validation-of-games-from-2023-for-the-steam-deck-like-never-before-including-games-not-even-released- yet/

Steam Deck is a mobile gaming PC equipped with Linux-based SteamOS , and it is characterized by being able to play various PC games specialized for Steam. You can check how to actually set up Steam Deck and launch a web browser from desktop mode in the following article.

Steam official mobile gaming PC 'Steam Deck' setup version, UI looks like this with Linux-based OS - GIGAZINE

And the following article tried playing some titles distributed on Steam on Steam Deck.

I tried playing various games with ``Steam Deck'' where you can play Elden Ring and Katamari anytime, anywhere - GIGAZINE

Most titles distributed on Steam are developed for Windows. Games developed for Windows can not be played on Linux as they are, but Valve has developed an open source tool 'Proton' that allows you to play games for Windows even on Linux, and a game title that can be played on Linux is increasing.

The number of titles that can be played with 'Proton', which was developed so that Steam users can enjoy games without inconvenience even if they switch to Linux, has exceeded 12,000 - GIGAZINE

The Linux-based Steam Deck comes with a custom version of Proton, Proton GE , so you can play many of the games available on Steam on the Steam Deck.

The graph below shows the titles distributed on Steam, ``Titles that are not compatible with Steam Deck (Unsupported, red)'', ``Titles that can be played on Steam Deck (Playable, yellow)'', and ``Titles that can be played.'' Titles that have been officially confirmed by Valve or the manufacturer (Verified, green) are color-coded. The vertical axis is the ratio, and the horizontal axis is the year and month. As of July 2023, 'playable' and 'confirmed' titles have reached 75% of the total.

According to Boiling Steam, the number of playable or confirmed games is increasing at a pace of 3,000 every six months, and around December 2022, when the Steam Deck will be released in Japan, there will be about 7,000 playable and confirmed titles. It seems that the number of books has increased to 10,000 as of July 2023.

If the title is 'playable' instead of 'confirmed', it is possible to start and play on the Steam Deck itself, but it may not be possible to continue playing due to problems occurring during the process. In that sense, it is very important to increase the number of 'confirmed' titles, but according to Boiling Steam, Valve's title verification itself has not increased. As a result, although the number of titles that can be played on the Steam Deck is increasing, it seems that the percentage of 'confirmed' titles that can be played reliably is gradually decreasing.

However, it is said that the number of cases where game development companies and Valve are already verifying before release is gradually increasing. For example, the English version of 'The Legend of Heroes Trails into Reverie', which will be released on Steam on July 7, 2023, has already been evaluated as 'confirmed' as of mid-June 2023. It has been.

Steam: The Legend of Heroes Hajime no Kiseki

Boiling Steam said, 'This is definitely a sign that more publishers and developers are starting to get ahead of the curve with Valve and their partners to get their titles working with Steam Decks. It's a great sign. ” commented.

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