``The high-spec version of Steam Deck will appear in a few years,'' said the developer Valve staff and talked about it

The portable gaming PC `` Steam Deck '' was released in Japan in December 2022, but in some regions such as the United States, it was released in February 2022, and has already celebrated its first anniversary. Mr. Lawrence Yang, designer of Valve, the developer of such a Steam Deck, and Mr. Pierre Lou Griffe, an engineer, said in an interview with the game media Rock Paper Shotgun about the next-generation Steam Deck with more powerful specs, 'Number It will appear in a year's time,' and has become a hot topic.

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A portable gaming PC that allows you to easily play PC games anytime, anywhere, developed by Steam , the operator of Steam , which is extremely popular as a PC game platformSteam Deck'is. It was just released in December 2022 in Japan, but it will be released in February 2022 in the United States and Europe, and has already reached its first anniversary. In addition, as of March 2023, more than a year after its release, the Steam Deck is still in third place on Steam's top seller list , showing great support from the game community.

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At the time of writing the article, there are more than 8000 Steam Deck titles that are `` confirmed to work '' and there is no such thing as ``There is no game to play!''. Also, games like Elden Ring, which appeared in 2022, that require decent specs can be played without problems, and slightly older AAA titles can be played with ray tracing enabled .

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That said, since it is a gaming PC released more than a year ago, Ars Technica from overseas media points out that the specs are already outdated. In fact, titles released in 2023, such as Wild Hearts and Returnal , technically work on the Steam Deck, but have been reported to have significant framerate and performance issues.

Software updates for Steam Deck may make these cutting-edge games more comfortable to play, but graphics boards for PC games are becoming more and more advanced, and PC game makers are pushing higher specs. Given that we're releasing games that require , it seems inevitable that the Steam Deck specs will look outdated over time.

In this way, when asked how he thinks about the Steam Deck becoming obsolete due to the emergence of games that require higher specs, Valve engineer Mr. Griffe said, ``How are developers approaching it? I can't say anything because it depends on what you want to do.I believe that Steam Deck has the potential to be a solid target through generations, 'he said, and that Steam Deck will continue to release various models. suggested that it would be

Furthermore, 'The work around Steam Deck is much trickier than the typical UX tweaks a developer has to make to an already working game. That being said, this work is It's also an advantage for game developers, because if we can scale our high-end titles to Steam Deck and deliver a great experience, we can bring our games to a wider audience, which will lead to a larger player base.' , pointed out that adjusting the game to work with the Steam Deck is troublesome, but it is also beneficial for developers.

Following this, Mr. Yang said, 'We are optimistic about the developer's Steam Deck support. Many recently released titles with high required specifications have been tested so that they can be played on Steam Deck, and they actually work well. Basically, any title marked as 'tested' or 'playable' has a very positive response from users.' The developer's Steam Deck support work is being actively carried out, and the reaction from the user is also good.

In fact, not all games distributed on Steam can be played with Steam Deck, but compared to the initial launch, many more titles are compatible, so 'Steam Deck's future is good' Rock said Paper Shotgun points out. In addition, Mr. Yang said that the success of the original Steam Deck has made it possible to investigate in more detail what to improve in the next-generation model. However, he also said, ``The next-generation model Steam Deck with significantly improved power will appear in a few years,'' denying the possibility that the next-generation model of Steam Deck will appear soon.

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