Experts point out that Twitter has a bug and is launching a DDoS attack on itself

From July 1, 2023, Twitter has temporarily imposed strict

restrictions on viewing posts, and posts cannot be viewed without logging in, and even when logged in, there is an upper limit on the number of posts that can be viewed per day. continues. Elon Musk, who runs Twitter, said that the reason for these restrictions was ``to deal with extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation,'' but Twitter itself caused a surge in traffic. Experts say there may be

Twitter bug causes self-DDOS tied to Elon Musk's emergency blocks and rate limits: 'It's amateur hour' -

According to

information shared by web developer Sheldon Chan on Mastodon, there is a bug in Twitter's web application that seems to keep sending requests to Twitter itself and falling into an infinite loop. Chan captures and shares how Twitter's web app sends hundreds of requests per minute.

Software engineer Nelson Minnaar also reported successfully reproducing the bug.

It is unknown whether this bug caused Mr. Mask to set a viewing restriction or whether this bug occurred as a result of setting a viewing restriction. Technology writer Andy Baio said, 'Because countless organizations and individuals used Twitter APIs for their projects, restricting free access to Twitter APIs could have led to a huge uptick in scraping. I think it's very high,' he said.

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