Machine that automatically writes Twitter tweets to paper tape every 30 seconds "Twittertape Machine"

A standalone type machine that writes out tweets etc. for me to the 1800's paper tape as a clatter is this "Twittertape Machine"is.

The Twittertape Machine

No ink or PC required for operation

It seems to be structured to operate if there is only a power source and a wired Internet connection

It also checks tweets every 30 seconds

It is a prototype that actually operates, furthermore, in "version 2", it has built in a control panel that makes it possible for users to make various settings by applying improvements, RSS and Facebook feeds can be received I heard he is planning to do so.

In addition, it can be confirmed in the following movie how it actually moves.

The Twittertape Machine on Vimeo

The Twittertape Machine - YouTube

Various tweets that disappeared as being "bad!" Are also stored properly by this machine.

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