"Blink (1)" USB lighting LED light shines to indicate new tweets and network speed etc.

A colorful LED light plugged into the USB port tells you whether a friend has appeared on the end of downloading the file or Skype, a device that tells Twitter, Facebook post, network speed etcBlink (1)"is. It's like a dummy name I forgot to name it, but it's such a name.

Blink (1), the USB RGB LED by ThingM - Kickstarter

The movie is from the following.

Blink (1) is a full-color LED light to be inserted in the USB port, it tells us the new arrival notice of Twitter and Facebook postings, the current network speed etc. according to the pattern of color, brightness and lighting.

When using it plug into the USB port ......

Set the color of the LED light.

When I was waiting for a friend to appear on Skype or it took a long time to download it, I had to wait in front of the PC screen statically, but if there is blink (1) Even if you are not gazing at the window, it shines in the color you set and tells the situation.

So, while doing other work, you can return to the front of the PC when you need it.

Also, since you can check the network speed, make it possible to download at high speed with a cafe etc.BitTorrentIt is possible to find people distributing files and move places using.

Blink (1) can be connected to the USB port of almost all devices.

Therefore, you can easily use it as a light to inform you of system alerts and updates by simply plugging in the server's USB port.

You can use as many blink (1) as the number of USB ports, so if you have a 36-port USB hub, you can use 36 blink (1) for example.

When blink (1) glows, it looks like this. This is Orange.

To blue.

It will also change to green.

When using it you do not need to install a special driver etc, just download the application. Application built in Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, LinuxBeagleBoneYaDD-WRTIt is said that it corresponds to.

Blink (1) is composed of firmware and a small USB controller, it is also possible to program the color and lighting yourself.

Blink (1) is currentlyKickstarterWe are collecting funds for commercialization. The deadline is August 13 in local time. One blink (1) gets one when it is commercialized by investment of 30 dollars (approx. 2400 yen), and it is possible to change the number of goods etc. by increasing it. A separate 15 dollars is required for shipping outside of the United States.

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