Rocky Linux condemns Red Hat's actions on the official blog as `` violating the spirit and purpose of open source '', while Red Hat also criticizes downstream projects as `` a threat to real open source ''

In response to the fact that Red Hat has ended the public release of the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), the development team of the RHEL compatible Linux distribution 'Rocky Linux' posted on the official blog 'The spirit and purpose of open source' violated,' he criticized.

Keeping Open Source Open | Rocky Linux

The following article explains why the Linux community is criticizing Red Hat's seemingly obvious behavior of hiding the source code of the Linux distribution it develops and maintains in-house. .

Red Hat stops public release of RHEL source code to customers only, receives fierce criticism from Linux officials who have centered on free software principles - GIGAZINE

Rocky Linux is a RHEL compatible distribution that appeared as a successor to CentOS. The details of the appearance are summarized in the following article.

New RHEL downstream 'Rocky Linux' to replace CentOS officially launched - GIGAZINE

On the official blog, the Rocky Linux development team reaffirmed the philosophy that ``open source software should be stable, accessible to everyone, and managed by the community,'' and ``unify the standards of commercial Linux. I mentioned that I created a RHEL compatible distribution taking over the CentOS goal of 'preserving'.

In addition, regarding the point that Red Hat protects the GPL license by releasing the source code only for customers, the content of the contract to terminate the support contract when the customer actually exercises the rights of the GPL license and redistributes the code strongly condemns it as violating the spirit and purpose of open source. Regarding this point, even in the community, there is a voice that 'Red Hat's method of preventing customers from exercising the GPL violates the principles of free software and dislikes it.'

Regarding Rocky Linux development in the future, we can continue without problems because the source code can be obtained through methods such as ' UBI ' which can be obtained from Docker Hub and cloud services where RHEL images are provided. About. Since RHEL is provided under the GPL license, we cannot stop obtaining and redistributing such source code.

On the other hand, Red Hat also wrote on its official blog that when using open source software, adding features, fixing bugs, resolving conflicts, etc. to the original project is 'protecting the open source license'. He countered that it was an act of contributing to the community as a whole, and added that downstream projects that simply repackaged the source code without contributing anything to the development or maintenance of RHEL were worthless.

Red Hat further said, ``Open source becomes sustainable by supporting the lives of engineers who believe in the value of open source and actually work on it.''・There is no obligation to do work for those who free-ride on the hardware environment,” he severely criticizes downstream projects that simply repackage RHEL.

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