The AlmaLinux development team emphasizes the contribution so far to Red Hat, which has canceled the public release of the source code, saying that ``downstream projects are worthless''

Red Hat discontinues the public release of the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) as ``The downstream project that just rebuilds the source code and does not contribute to the upstream at all is the threat to the real open source.'' Regarding the matter that was done, the development team of AlmaLinux, one of the downstream projects, emphasizes 'how they have contributed to RHEL so far'.

AlmaLinux OS - Forever-Free Enterprise-Grade Operating System

The following article describes in detail why Red Hat's act of ``secreting the source code of RHEL that is developed and maintained in-house'' gets anger from the Linux community.

Red Hat stops public release of RHEL source code to customers only, receives fierce criticism from Linux officials who have centered on free software principles - GIGAZINE

Also, as shown in the article below, the reason why Red Hat stopped disclosing the source code of RHEL is that 'a downstream project that does not contribute to the development or maintenance of RHEL and just repackages the source code is a true open It is a threat to maintaining and developing the source, ”announced on the official blog.

Rocky Linux criticizes Red Hat's actions on the official blog as ``violating the spirit and purpose of open source'', while Red Hat also criticizes downstream projects as ``a threat to real open source''-GIGAZINE

Under these circumstances, the developers of AlmaLinux, one of the downstream projects that rebuild the RHEL source code, posted a blog emphasizing 'how downstream projects have helped the development of RHEL so far.' bottom.

The title of the post is 'Our Value is our Values', and AlmaLinux is based on open source values and their values as opposed to Red Hat. It is stated that the focus is on the management of the community. By establishing a non-profit organization, AlmaLinux eliminates corporate motives and ensures shared ownership and transparency within the open source community.

Members of the AlmaLinux community created in this way contribute to numerous projects such as RPM and AWX , and members of the community have also contributed to over 600 Fedora and EPEL packages. RHEL is based on Fedora, and EPEL is a project that makes Fedora's high-quality packages available on RHEL, so it can be said that EPEL is making a great contribution to RHEL.

In addition, the AlmaLinux team has made the CentOS SIG easy to use with AlmaLinux and RHEL, advocated adding RHEL to the build root on CBS to centralize their efforts and accomplishments, while also supporting the Raspberry Pi. It is said that the platform has been expanded such as support. In addition, it is said that he has developed the community surrounding RHEL and CentOS Stream by sponsoring many projects and participating in various conferences.

A community is one of the attractions of any product or distribution, so losing such a large community would be a loss for Red Hat.

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