Apple is trying to trademark 'fruit apple image'

It is reported that Apple, which has an 'apple' logo as the company name, is trying to trademark 'an image of a fruit apple' instead of a computer. Some rights have already been granted in Switzerland, and Apple has started similar applications in several other countries.

Apple is trying to trademark depictions of actual apples | Mashable

According to technology media Wired , Apple submitted an application to the Swiss Intellectual Property Institute (IPI) in 2017 seeking intellectual property rights for `` black and white images of apples ''. The apple in this image is a type of green apple known as Granny Smith, which was being filed for 'potential uses in relation to electronic, digital and audiovisual consumer goods and hardware.'

WIPO Madrid Monitor

IPI and Apple had been in discussions for a long time, but IPI announced in 2022 that Apple's request would not be accepted as 'the image being filed represents a general image of a common product, apples, and is in the public domain.' It was partially rejected on the grounds that Therefore, in April 2023, Apple has filed an appeal against IPI.

The Fruit Union Suisse, a Swiss fruit farming organization with a history of 111 years, has used a red apple with a white cross as its symbol. However, since Apple's appeal seeks to include 'television and other audiovisual transmissions' in its trademark uses, Jimmy Marietos, director of Fruit Union Suisse, said: We are concerned about the potential impact of visual representation, anything related to audiovisuals, new technologies, media, etc. If Apple's trademarks are fully recognized, it would be a very big limitation for us. will be,' he commented.

In fact, Apple has challenged the trademark registration of other companies' logos many times. In 2020, we filed an objection against a small and medium-sized company that registered a logo trademark with a pear motif. This dispute has been settled in 2021 by the small and medium-sized enterprises changing part of the logo.

Apple objects to trademark registration that the ``pear-shaped logo'' of small and medium-sized enterprises is very similar to Apple's logo-GIGAZINE

Apple has also reportedly filed trademark objections to school district and hospital logos.

Apple is appealing to companies and organizations that use apples in their logos, including pear-type logos - GIGAZINE

Apple's appeal to IPI is the right to `` black and white images of apples '', but Professor Cyril Rigamonti, who teaches intellectual property law at the University of Bern, said, ``If all rights to black-and-white images of apples are granted, Apple will get the widest possible protection in terms of shape and may be able to pursue logos in different colors.'

Marietos said, ``Apple is not trying to protect the rights of the 'bitten apple' used in its logo, so I can't understand what it means.Apple's purpose is to use the actual apple. To us, apples are almost universal and should be free for everyone to use.'

It should be noted that Apple, which is on the side of registering the trademark in Switzerland this time, said that the design of the clock app released for iOS 6 in 2012 had stolen the clock of the Swiss Federal Railways, and Apple side paid 20 million francs (at the rate at that time). 1,670 million yen) has been paid.

Apple to pay about 1.7 billion yen for stealing the design of the Swiss Federal Railway clock - GIGAZINE

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