Jack Dorsey reveals that the Indian government threatened to 'close Twitter' and 'search the employee's house'

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey appeared on a talk show and spoke frankly about the political pressure that Twitter once received from the Indian government.

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In early 2021, Twitter was ordered to suspend hundreds of accounts in India and curb the visibility of certain hashtags after the Indian government threatened to take legal action against Twitter. . It has been pointed out that most of the suspended accounts voiced support for protests against newly proposed laws in India.

According to Dorsey, India is one of the countries with the most requests for protests and journalists critical of the government. India regularly demands that certain posts and accounts be removed, and these demands are often accompanied by threats of legal action if they do not comply. The threat from the Indian government was ``I will close Twitter in India'', ``Search the employee's home'', ``If you do not comply, the office will be closed''.

Twitter has previously vigorously resisted government orders to remove posts and suspend accounts, even suing the Indian government to challenge some of the orders. In this regard, Mr. Dorsey said, ``India has taken time to respond to the newly enacted IT regulations. We needed to have a point of contact and a grievance window to manage the information.'

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Meanwhile, Rajiv Chandrasekhar, India's Deputy Commonwealth Minister for Information Technology, countered Dorsey's remarks, saying, 'Twitter under Dorsey and his team has repeatedly and continuously violated Indian law. Specifically, they repeatedly failed to comply with the law from 2020 to 2022, and the last time they did so was in June 2022. The January 2021 protests saw a lot of misinformation and mistakes. There were even reports of genocide that were fake, but the Indian government was obliged to remove the misinformation from its platform as it could have fueled a situation based on fake news. It can be said that there was a problem in accepting the sovereignty of the law.'

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